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Blogging Queers

Blogging Queers

We are a team of queer and inspired young people who have set out to make this world a better place. We're here as a shoulder to lean on and as a group of real people to discuss lgtbtqa issues and topics.


My fellow queers and assorted allies: we have got to stop using arguments like “We were born this way!” and “Being queer is not a choice!” as our first line of defense against heterosexists. It might sound like a neat little trick to pull on these people: if we can’t help being queer, then it’s not fair to punish us for something we didn’t do. But in reality, every time we use this argument we are actually weakening our own position. Shouting “Born this way” from the rooftops is the opposite of progress…. I think the most serious problem with this argument is that it reinforces the idea that we need an excuse to be queer. As a result, using this line subtly supports the idea that being queer requires excusing in some way. Don’t use it. Don’t allow straight people to generate an understanding of queer sexuality that sounds like: “Well, of course Bob wouldn’t wish to be queer, but he was born this way. I guess we better give him equal rights – poor Bob, he just can’t help it. We shouldn’t punish him for something he didn’t choose!”
Meanwhile the real reason that you shouldn’t punish Bob for queerness is because there’s nothing wrong with it!

Social Justice League - Fauxgress Watch: Born This Way.  (via anotherlgbttumblr



"The Greeks thought that homosexuality was more pure than heterosexuality, because one of the main purposes of heterosexuality is the option of reproduction. The Greeks considered heterosexuals desire for only this to be greedy, where as homosexual love is more about true love for the other person, not just the desire to reproduce. Also, because homosexual love isn’t the dominant culture. It’s different."


What does virginity mean to a queer person, who may never have vaginal intercourse in her/his/hir life? What of a lesbian who chooses to never engage in any sort of penetrative sex act her entire life, does she remain some sort of super, extra virgin? If a straight man receives a blowjob, he will in all likelihood still consider himself a virgin, but a gay man receiving a blowjob may have a more complicated understanding of what it means for his sex life. In many ways, our conception of “virginity” erases or invalidates queer sex.

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My understanding of queer is a term that desires that you don’t have to present an identity card before entering a meeting. Heterosexuals can join the queer movement. Bisexuals can join the queer movement. Queer is not being lesbian. Queer is not being gay. It is an argument against lesbian specificity: that if I am a lesbian I have to desire in a certain way. Or if I am a gay I have to desire in a certain way. Queer is an argument against certain normativity, what a proper lesbian or gay identity is.

-Judith Butler, The Desire for Philosophy: An Interview with Judith Butler (via fuckyeahfemmes)


I identify as queer because I want people to ask me what I mean by that. I want them to understand that sexuality, my sexuality, is not answered simply. I feel that people are more likely to assume who/what I am and less likely to ask questions if I only identify as bisexual.

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tumblingqueers-deactivated20120 said: Please help me. I am making a documentary following some young LGBT kids and need to find some to interview in the NYC area. I am trying to get my last post on my page out as an add for this. The film will show several kids under 16 who are LGBT and living in a supportive environment. Hopefully this film will reduce the sense of isolation so many of us grow up with. If this sounds like a worthy project please reblog the last post on my page and follow links to my BornProud project to see a preview for the film. Thanks for your time.

check it out, guys.


Don’t lose hope!

Things haven’t quite worked out how we’d have liked them to, so regular posting is not up and running yet. Life is busy, and growing up is unpredictable.

Please stay tuned! Continue to gather!




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Due to extenuating circumstances, some of our members did not have the chance to post their introductions last week.  These will be posted over the course of the next seven days.  Regularly scheduled videos will start on May 8th.  In the mean time, feel free to send us your questions. 

Thank you for your patience.

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